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How About A Picnic?

The majority of responses received are in favor of having a reunion picnic.  Now comes the fun part:  When?  And Where?  Let's stick close to the Riverside-Brookfield area.  At least most of us will know how to find it.
Any volunteers, drop me an e-mail and let me know how you would like to pitch in.  We will need:
  • Someone to contact the Cook County Forest Preserve to find out about dates and fees, if that's where we want it.
  • Someone to organize games for the kids.
  • Someone to organize a mailing list / RSVP list.
  • Someone to keep track of monetary donations (to buy hot dogs and stuff).
  • Someone to keep track of whatever else will need keeping track of.

We need to get a move on, if we're to get a picnic put together for Summer 2003.

Drop me a line!

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